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About Us

Mission of the Chinese American Association of Rancho Cucamonga (CAARC):

At CAARC, we are committed to empowering the Chinese American community in Rancho Cucamonga by providing essential support and fostering connections. Our mission revolves around three key pillars:

Cultural Integration and Adaptation:
Assist Chinese individuals and families in adapting to their new environment.
Facilitate English language learning programs to enhance communication and integration.
Provide resources and guidance to help community members navigate the challenges of settling into a new culture.

Professional Development and Job Assistance:
Offer job search support, career guidance, and networking opportunities for Chinese Americans seeking employment.
Conduct workshops and training sessions to enhance professional skills and job readiness.
Foster connections with local businesses and organizations to create job opportunities within the community.

Community Connection and Public Events:
Create a strong sense of community by organizing public events that celebrate Chinese culture and traditions. Facilitate networking and social events to strengthen bonds among Chinese families and the broader Rancho Cucamonga community. Collaborate with local authorities and organizations to promote cultural understanding and appreciation.

By addressing the challenges of cultural adaptation, language learning, and employment opportunities, CAARC aims to build a thriving and connected Chinese American community in Rancho Cucamonga. Through a combination of cultural celebrations and community-building initiatives, we aspire to create an inclusive environment that enriches the lives of our members and fosters positive relationships within the broader Rancho Cucamonga community.