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English Learning Program:

The English Learning Program at CAARC is designed to empower individuals in the community with language proficiency. Whether you are new to the English language or looking to enhance your communication skills, our program offers comprehensive courses tailored to different proficiency levels. Through interactive sessions and engaging materials, participants can build a strong foundation in English, fostering greater confidence in both personal and professional settings.

Job Assistance Program:

CAARC’s Job Assistance Program is committed to supporting members of the community in their career pursuits. We provide valuable resources, workshops, and networking opportunities to help individuals navigate the job market successfully. From resume building to interview preparation, our program equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to secure employment. Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time or seeking a career change, CAARC is dedicated to helping you achieve your professional goals.

Connecting Families:

CAARC’s Connecting Families program is centered around building strong community bonds and fostering a sense of belonging. Through a variety of events, workshops, and support networks, we aim to connect families within the community. This program provides opportunities for families to share experiences, cultural insights, and support one another. Whether you’re a new resident or a longtime member of the community, Connecting Families at CAARC is here to create lasting connections and a supportive community environment.